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Matthias Welling

v0.9.0.3 - Derbyshire

2 min read

I succesfully contributed the first time to an open source project.

It began with itching a scratch:

I'm using ownyourgram to get my instagram photos into my known blog. But I really like to have them also POSSE'd to my twitter and facebook accounts. Unfortunately ownyourgram doesn't support this functionality and 'known' could only syndicate (POSSE) to other sites during creation of a new entry. (And not when editing.)

So I search the open issues of the known project on github and found this one: Retroactive posse #206.

After looking into the code by myself and getting some hints from the github-issue comments how to solve the problem, I started to change the code in my branch on my fork.

I tested my developements with this blog. My first try resulted in over 200 duplicate tweets and a blocked favebook app. (Those damn, endless loops!)

Finally I got everything in place an opened a pull request against the known master branch.

The regular developement people of known were really awesome in their responses (as you can see over there at github). Really cool for newcomers (me!).

My (small) change in the code made it as a (tiny) feature into a dot-dot-Release.

my little feature!

 I'm really proud!